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Actualiza tu fideicomiso/ Update your trust (Newsletter, Marzo 2019)

Actualiza tu fideicomiso/ Update your trust

Fernando García Sais

Abogado, Doctor en Derecho y Notario Público 210

Juris Doctor, Ph.D. & Notary Public

Daniel Rojo Osuna

Juris Magister / Maestro en Derecho

Newsletter / March, 2019

Para el extranjero que desea invertir en Mazatlán en bienes y raíces, el Fideicomiso es el instrumento legal idóneo. A través de él se adquieren derechos de uso y aprovechamiento sobre las propiedades sin obtener derechos reales, esto por ser sujetos de la prohibición expresa establecida en el artículo 27 de la Constitución.


Es importante designar beneficiarios respecto del fideicomiso para el caso del fallecimiento de los titulares del mismo, esto podrá ser modificado cuantas veces deseen los fideicomisarios.


A la muerte del fideicomisario, el beneficiario deberá ser reconocido como titular de los derechos del fallecido, por lo que es importante tener a la mano el acta de defunción debidamente apostillada (USA) o legalizada (Canadá) para acreditar ante el fiduciario los derechos sobre el fideicomiso.


El extranjero que deseé adquirir un inmueble a otro extranjero (mediante una cesión de dichos derechos) podrá sujetarse al fideicomiso que anteriormente se constituyó por lo que se deberá observar el plazo restante en el permiso otorgado originalmente por el Gobierno de México (Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores) y de ser necesario solicitar su prórroga hasta por 50 años.



Cuando se enajenan derechos fideicomisarios de un inmueble es importante revisase su calidad migratoria, ya que se vincula con su residencia fiscal y podrá en su momento utilizar la exención en el pago del Impuesto Sobre la Renta por ganancias.


En todo caso, las cesiones de derechos fideicomisarios que se realicen gratuitamente entre familiares en línea recta ascendente o descendente (ej. padre a hijos o hijos a padres) estarán libres del pago del impuesto sobre la renta, siempre y cuando se acredite el parentesco con el acta de nacimiento apostillada o legalizada (según sea el caso) traducida por perito traductor autorizado por el Supremo Tribunal.


Acudir con un asesor jurídico profesional, bilingüe y debidamente capacitado, que atienda y cuide sus intereses, será garantía de seguridad y bienestar.


En la notaría 210 contamos con los mejores expertos en el tema y con la mayor práctica en Mazatlán.







For any foreigner wanting to invest in real estate in Mazatlán, entering into a trust is the only legal alternative. Through the trust you will acquire rights of use and exploitation of properties, without receiving real rights, this because the prohibition established in the article 27 of the Constitution.



It is important to designate a substitute beneficiary with respect to the trust in case of death of the primary beneficiaries. This may be amended as many times as you wish and is a very simple process in a notary.



When the primary beneficiary(s) die, the substitute beneficiary must be recognized on the trust, so it will be important to have the death certificate apostille (USA) or legalized (Canada) for recognition purposes before the trustee, and provide it to the notary in Mazatlán.


The foreigner, who wants to buy a property to another foreigner (by celebrating a transfer of rights), may continue with the trust term that was established previously in the permission granted originally by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and if necessary, request the extension to the duration of such period up to 50 years.


When a transfer of rights takes place, it is important to review the immigration status of the seller, depending on this he/she might be considered according to the applicable laws as tax resident in Mexico. If you are temporary or permanent resident, you might qualify for capital gains tax exemption.


In all cases, transfer of rights made between relatives in ascending or descending line (ex. parents to sons or sons to parents) will be exempt of the payment of any capital gain tax, while proving the affiliation with the birth certificate apostilled or legalized (as applicable) and translated into Spanish by a certified translator authorized by the Supreme Tribunal in Sinaloa.


Seeking assistance by a professional attorney, bilingual, and properly trained legal counsel who take care of your interests, will be a guarantee of legal certainty and well-being


At Notary 210 we have the best experts in the field and with the greatest practice in Mazatlan.







Real Estate Acquisition Tax

Real Estate Acquisition Tax
Fernando García Sais Ph.D.
Notary Public 210
Mazatlan, Mexico.

If you are a regular buyer of real estate, surely what you will find in the next lines are a set of truisms. The truth is that, according to official statistics, in Mexico most people buy a property only once in their life. Therefore, talking about this subject acquires significant relevance among us, potential buyers of all types of real estate, for commercial or residential purposes.

The Civil Code of Sinaloa establishes a very rare rule of scarce application: the expenses of registration and registration correspond to both parties equally, unless otherwise agreed (the exception becomes a general rule in practice). That is, in fact the parties agree that it is the buyer who disbursed everything or practically everything, except the taxes that are caused to the transferor (which may also be subject to agreement between the parties).

The source of the expenses may have as a source payment obligations that arise against the State (taxes, duties, tariffs); in front of individuals who have the nature of fees (appraiser, real estate agent, tax advisor), and notarial fees that have the nature of official rate.

Regarding the first item (against the State) the purchaser must pay the Tax on Acquisition of Real Estate (ISAI) at a rate of 2% on the taxable base, which is determined from the value that is greater among (i) the operation value and (ii) the one of any of the following bank or commercial appraisals made by experts authorized by the City or by an expert recognized by the National Banking Insurance Commission, or by an expert member of the Mexican Institute of Appraisal of Sinaloa , AC or by Public Broker or by the Cadastral Institute of the State of Sinaloa.

Additionally, the law stipulates that the municipal authority will charge 10% of the amount that resulted according to the preceding paragraph (on the payment slip it appears as “pro-sport”).

The law establishes some exceptions to this rate of 2%. This is the case of social housing acquisitions provided they do not exceed 6,500 UMAS *. In these cases, the taxable base of the tax is determined according to the commercial value that must be set by the Cadastral Institute.
*UMA: $80.60 pesos.

The law establishes some exceptions to this rate of 2%. This is the case of social housing acquisitions provided they do not exceed 6,500 UMAS *. In these cases, the taxable base of the tax is determined according to the commercial value that must be set by the Cadastral Institute.

If the house-room of social interest type is of new construction and its value does not exceed 5,500 UMAS, there is a benefit: the rate is 10% of the tax base. Where the value is from 5,501 to 9,500 UMAS, the tax will be calculated on 32% of the tax base.
In the case of property received due to death (inheritance or bequest) or donation, provided that the purchaser is a child, grandchild, great-grandchild (without limitation of degree and in both directions) or the surviving spouse, the same rate applies. 2% but with a cap of 25 UMAS.

All taxes must be paid within the term established by law. The ISAI must be paid within 30 calendar days following the occurrence of each of the following situations: (i) The adjudication of the assets of the estate as well as when hereditary rights are assigned or assets are sold by the estate; (ii) in the case of acquisitions made through a trust, when the cases of alienation or assignment of rights are made, under the terms of the Federal Fiscal Code; (iii) when the resolution is registered or registered by the judicial or administrative authority, in cases of positive prescription, or award by auction; (iv) in the case of contracts of sale with reservation of title or promise of sale, as well as in the cases of assignment of rights related to said contracts, when the respective contract is executed; and, (v) as a general rule of supplementary application if the case is not foreseen in the previous cases, the term of 30 days is counted from the date of celebration of the act that causes the tax.

Not paying the tax or doing it out of time generates consequences. Contributing to public spending, through compliance with tax obligations, materializes the constitutional principle that empowers citizens to demand quality public services from their authorities.

A good municipal administrator will use the actions of the law to collect the omitted taxes, being able to exercise an action to seize the property even when they have already been the object of another sale. That’s why the importance of obtaining “municipal fiscal solvency” before signing a promise or purchase agreement. To your misfortune, the expenses and fees for the municipal procedure will also be for you.
Public notaries are prohibited from definitively authorizing the deed if the ISAI has not been paid. The municipal authority, after much pressure from the Mazatlan notaries, is about to implement an electronic system so that, from the notaries, such payment is made. This will imply savings in resources and greater efficiency in transactions.

Notary 210 provides legal, real estate, tax and corporate advice. The holder has 18 years of solid experience in the best offices in Mexico City and in relevant positions in the SAT, Treasury, Profeco and Presidency of the Republic; In addition, he is a professor and author of academic books on Notarial Law, Consumer Protection and Commercial Bankruptcy.

Fernando García Sais, Ph.D. is National Coordinator of Notaries of the Graduate Bar Association of ITAM.